CBWW was once again proud to sponsor the City of Knoxville Neighborhood Conference. The 2019 Neighborhood Conference took place May 18th at the Knoxville Convention Center.

The Neighborhood Conference is an annual event put on by the city’s Office of Neighborhoods and is a great opportunity for residents to connect with various local service organizations, neighborhood leaders and organizers. Elected officials and those running for office also have a presence at the event.

After kicking off with a breakfast and welcome speech from Mayor Madeline Rogero, attendees could visit one of the 80+ information booths and attend workshops.

This year’s workshops included sessions such as “Engaging All Your Neighbors,” “Creating Safer Streets,” and  “Let’s Celebrate Our Diversity.” The workshops were an opportunity for conference attendees to breakout into smaller groups and brainstorm challenges and solutions for issues that mattered to them.

In addition to the workshops, the conference includes a Neighborhood Awards and Networking Luncheon, door prizes, and lots of opportunities to meet others who are working to make their neighborhoods safer, more livable and more friendly.

“CBWW is always actively looking for opportunities like this to get involved, support and give back to our community,” said George Wallace. “Supporting this event perfectly aligns with CBWW’s commitment to home and community building. We’ve loved being a good neighbor in East Tennessee since 1936.”

We’d like to congratulate Katy Hawley, winner of the Diana Conn Good Neighbor of the Year Award. Hawley is a 4th & Gill resident who was instrumental in helping to revitalize “The Birdhouse” among other projects.

Mayor Madeline Rogero stands with Diana Conn Good Neighbor of the Year Award winner Katy Hawley, NOYA nominees Donna Teeters, Christine Winton, Liz Diviesti, Douglas Miller and Deborah Thomas, and city of Knoxville Office of Neighborhoods Coordinator Debbie Sharp. (Photo courtesy of city of Knoxville Communications)

Visit the website for more info about the Office of Neighborhoods and ways you can get plugged into our community!