**Special submission to the Welcome Home blog from CBWW’s VP of Residential, Claudia Stallings.**

It’s that time of year when we gear up for all the Game Day traditions! Tailgate parties, the Vol Walk, the band pre-game show and the real game kick-off announcements, “It’s FOOTBALL TIME IN TENNESSEE.” By comparison, there are some newer traditions, like the woo in Rocky Top and the day we ‘checker-board’ Neyland Stadium. You’ve probably got some of your own traditions. Maybe you eat at your old college hangout or watch the game with friends.

For my family, it’s my husband’s ‘lucky’ shirt and for me it’s getting to wear my orange to work the Friday before the game. But this made me recently reflect on why we have traditions and why they are important to us. I think traditions build bonds. They help us come together by our similar shared experiences and they’re passed down through generations, and that just builds history.

They remind us who we are, where we came from and they help us know what to do next. They provide security, certainty, and they keep us grounded when things can be unknown.

Being in real estate in 2018 is very different than it was in 1936 when CBWW was founded. Since then, so many processes and traditions have changed. The sheer amount of time that’s passed is mind boggling when you really think about it. Our company began during the Great Depression.

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We were around before WWII and even before the first Bugs Bunny Cartoon. We experienced the dawn of Rock and Roll and the invention of the Computer. When the astronauts were planting the flag on the moon, we were planting SOLD signs in yards. We weathered the Cold War, and the Great Recession and we’re STILL HERE.

We’ve seen lots of companies come and go over our 82 years in business, but our traditions keep us viable. Traditions of exceptional client care, agent support. Traditions of strong reputation. These things, along with our history and our experiences are a part of our fabric.

And because of the long legacy we have, some real estate agents may assume that also means we haven’t changed over time. Simply put, businesses that don’t remain agile don’t stay in business this long.

You may think you know what we offer, but if you haven’t heard it personally and recently from one of our brokers, you may not know we have multiple commission plans with caps, automated social media, big data advertising, CRM, Luxury Home Marketing, administrative support, and in-house Media Department, and of course, our trademark, training.

You can choose an office space or be a mobile agent. And you always get a non-competing broker. So I encourage you to ignore the hearsay and discover for yourself who we are at CBWW.

Choose one of our seven office locations and contact the broker for a private interview.

We’ve enjoyed our first 82 years and we hope you’ll be with us for our next 82 and beyond! Go Vols!